About our Chapter

Parents of twins, triplets and higher order multiples crave information, advice and support with raising multiples.

We, as parents of multiples understand this challenge and are here to help. Our purpose is to provide guidance and to help families adjust to the joy and hardships of multiple birth situations.

We hold a monthly meeting where all members are invited out for a night of caring and sharing. Meetings are often packed with fun, laughter and a wealth of information. Guest speakers provide us with expert advise on some specific aspects of child rearing, which apply not only to multiples but singletons as well. Our club has an extensive library where members are invited to borrow books, video and audiotapes at no cost. In addition to the general meeting, our club produces a monthly newsletter aptly titled "Multiple Messenger" which delivers information geared specifically to multiple birth families. The newsletter can be downloaded from the member's only area. Furthermore, club members are entitled to participate in any clothing /equipment sales, discount offers from area retailers, and special social events held by the club. This information, and much more is available at each meeting, as well as, in the member's only area of our web site.

The birth of multiples can be joyous, overwhelming and a bit frightening - all at the same time. We invite you to please join us in our endeavor to provide a network of support and encouragement for parents of multiples.

Finally, on behalf of all our members, we extend our best wishes to your family for much health and happiness.